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Parent's Letter

Dear Parents,

The speech meet in which your child will participate will be on ___________________. This meet will be located at _______________________________________________________. Our school # is______.

The doors for the meet open at 9:30 A.M. It is necessary that you be there no later than 10:00, at which time the General Assembly begins. Round I begins at 10:30, followed by a brief lunch break, and then Round II. The Awards Assembly follows Round II. Dismissal is after the Awards Assembly. It is difficult to estimate when the meet will be over. Much depends on the number of teams participating and also the length of the speeches. Past meets have generally ended somewhere between 2:15 and 3:00.

It is essential that all participants have the opportunity to present their speeches without distractions. Parents and guests are welcome, but please, no young children. No one is allowed to enter or leave a classroom during a round. Even if the participants in a particular room are finished, the round is not over until the last room has finished and all rooms have been dismissed. Please stay in the classroom until the round is dismissed. If you prefer, you may stay in the cafeteria during a round, but you may not be in the hallways.

Electronic equipment must be turned OFF the entire time you are in a classroom, even if the participants in that particular classroom are finished. This applies to both adults and contestants. Please note that includes phones, i-pods, i-pads, laptops, watches that beep, cameras, audio/video equipment, etc. Pictures and videotaping are allowed during the awards ceremony. Adults and contestants are asked to be courteous and attentive while participants are performing; please, no talking, reading, or other activities. We truly appreciate your adherence to these guidelines that respect the time and energy our contestants have devoted to preparing their speeches.

All participants and guest must bring a sack lunch. NO ONE may leave the grounds during lunch because the lunch period is too short. Participants need not bring a drink; it will be provided by the host center. It is also advisable to bring a book along in case the speeches in your room are completed before the bell rings to signal the end of the round. Remember, people may not be walking in the halls while a round is in session.

Each participant needs to furnish his/her own transportation to the meet. Carpooling is permissible. Please see that your child has someone there to pick him/her up at the conclusion of the meet, no later than 2:15 P.M.

We hope that the speech meet will be an enjoyable learning experience for everyone involved. Good luck to each of the participants. Thank you for your support of the Bellarmine Speech League.

Speech Coach


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