Bellarmine Speech STL

Sources for Speeches

1. Edna Means DramaticServices -

P.O. Box 7336 Loveland, CO 80537
Fax: 970-663-9096
Phone: 970-663-9095

2. Consortium Publishing -

P.O. Box 998, Jacksonville, IL 62651
Fax: 217-245-1378
Phone: 800-419-8698

3. Pioneer Drama Service-

P. O. Box 4267, Englewood, CO 80155
Fax: 303-779-4315
Phone: 800-333-7262

Any published material from literature anthologies, the “Chicken Soup” books or cuttings from plays and novels may be used.
Please remember we are a Catholic organization and material should be appropriate and contain no questionable language. Changing or removing any words you are unsure of is allowed.

If there is a question of appropriateness of material, determination of use should be by consensus of the principal, pastor and speech coordinator of the school. The League will not make this determination.

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